Weekly Insights

Weekly Insights – June 2019

You will receive Weekly Insights for the week ahead based on your birth chart and current energy. These Weekly Insights include information on upcoming energy shifts in the cosmos, what area of life it will effect for you, how to navigate the energy to come out on top, and a few messages from your Guides on what to expect from the week ahead. You will receive your personalized energy and astro report via audio email every Sunday of the month. This information will better help you understand the astrological energies based on your zodiac, and lend you personalized messages from your Guides to assist you through the week. Purchasing a monthly subscription to Weekly Insights also provides you with a $10 discount code you can use on any Reading or Counselling service throughout the month, to help stay on the path best aligned with your Soul's purpose and growth.


To book your Weekly Insights using Email Money Transfer, please send $33 to energyboutique.ca@gmail.com using ENERGY as your answer/password.

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